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Witchcraft spell :- The Witchcraft is mainly derived from the two words in which the first one is witch and the second one is craft which is meaning there by necromancy creator. This word is acquired or require for the purpose or motive of making sorcery and this witchcraft is practiced or experimented from many or several years. This witchcraft is mainly based on the basis of natural cycles. We know that this word of witchcraft spell is coming from the African continent since in the continent of Africa there is using of first of the witchcraft, and this witchcraft is used or utilized as the form of black magic. It is plausible technique or logic which is mainly found in retouch people life and to control increasingly or in the process of increment ways.

The Witchcraft spell is used mainly on the basis of the working point of view or in working manners which is still intensive Psychological effect on the people life and this witchcraft is a normally in the form of misconstruction craft .Sorcery technique which is to come in the form of notability .During the 20th century and often blamed for the purpose of hurting on people lives, witchcraft magic is force practice which is influence on the form of individual. Locality , incident or assets which is in the way of a good or nasty way .This services are provided by the world wide people to the form of avoid the evil spirits from lives. With the assistance of witchcraft the people can rein any types of moment in the existing life or life phenomena.

In modern days , some people don’t believe in the witchcraft but the witchcraft is the major role in the daily life activities and also this witchcraft spell solved the various types of problems which are related to the life of the people as the first one is family problems , love problems , marriage problems , education problems , money problem , business problems , financial problems, husband and wife problems , relationship problems ,etc these all are solved by the astrologer of the Witchcraft .

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